SupplyDemy Solutions LLC is a dynamic business-to-business marketplace that connects SMB sellers and buyers of returned, excess, and other liquidation inventory. On Supply you can buy and sell across hundreds of product categories, brands, and conditions - all in one place. We know there are a lot of marketplaces like this out there; here’s why we think ours is the best place to buy and sell excess inventory:


Second Life for Items

Like the old saying goes “one man’s trash is another’s treasure.” We support a more Circular Economy and are proud to do our part to encourage the reuse and resale of items. Because enabling a second life for these items feels good.


Small Business Incubator

Leverage our platform to grow your business. Maybe you need a cash-generating B2B sales channel for your excess goods? Maybe you’re looking for a dynamic marketplace where you can consistently source merchandise across categories and conditions to resell on eBay? Supplydemy.com will give you the support your business needs to thrive.


Transparent Auction Platform

We are building rapport between sellers and buyers by enabling a direct and secure channel to transact. We hold our marketplace ecosystem up to high standards: only credible sellers and business-minded buyers allowed.